Ever since a while back, I started giving a damn about my Git commits and workflow. Before that, I used git mostly as a tool to push my code to GitHub. However, as soon as I began working with Sourcehut and contributing 1 to the Pimalaya project, I found myself caring more and more about each commit and the information contained in them.

Doing so, however, can be impractical without using git rebase. git rebase is an amazing tool for organizing and cleaning up commits, as well as organizing a patchset. However, due to its many functionalities, it can be overwhelming to learn from Stack Overflow or random Google searches or using the --help flag.

Drew DeVault created git-rebase.io, which is a great tutorial for learning how to use git rebase -i properly. I strongly suggest trying to run each command and following along with the tutorial, as they can be more concretely learned when you do.

  1. He is the patches I send to the pimalaya project.↩︎