Git is an amazing tool, and a massive one at that. Most of us know and agree about that fact. Sure, there are things that use more interesting approaches to the underlying data structure 1, but for the most part, Git offers a world of wonder that no other system has.

As it happens, many developers only use a handful of features of Git, which is a shame, since those features fit much better in a workflow that includes more of Git’s features 2.

One such feature is git send-email, which I have been using recently to contribute to the Pimalaya project 3. This command lets you send a patch-set 4 via email to someone or a mailing list. This is how Linux Kernel development is done and how SourceHut 5 works.

However, this workflow is foreign to most developers. Drew DeVault 6 created a very nice webpage on git-send-email, which guides you through using this rather amazing command.

  1. I’m referring to Pijul and Darcs.↩︎

  2. This, of course, is thanks to the mass adoption of GitHub, which, to be frank, offers a workflow that is probably mostly advantageous to absolute beginners in programming and subpar to full-time developers. Although I can see myself being wrong on this point as well.↩︎

  3. Probably one of my upcoming recommendations.↩︎

  4. Or a set of commits, if you will.↩︎

  5. Another one of my upcoming recommendations.↩︎

  6. Drew co-created SourceHut, which should also connect some dots for you as well.↩︎